Time always seems to cast a lighter shadow when you think back on how a project begins. Yet our earliest memory of HEURE was the frustration that came when seeing the wide fluctuations between what an active ingredient was “able” to do, and the diminished results we got when it was applied by actual people. Turns out, this significant variance is caused by our skin’s natural barrier - our bodies’ defence in keeping out external toxins also prevented good stuff from getting in.

Then came an epiphany: why were we, as beauty brands, so obsessed with coming up with new active ingredients when these ingredients could not enter into the areas which would affect the greatest improvements? What good is an active if it could help regenerate collagen but could not get to it? 

It has taken us 10 years to bring this to you. Time… so often the companion of weariness; yet, Time is at the centre of all HEURE stands for. At HEURE, we seek not to reverse or erase time; but to flourish in it. And there’s no Time like the present.