10 years ago, we dreamed of a crazy idea that would revolutionise skincare. 

SPHR™ , a transdermal delivery system that is able to

Safely encapsulate high efficacy active ingredients,

Penetrate into the dermis where collagen and elastin reside,

Holistically achieve sustainable and long-lasting skin improvements,

Release the active ingredients homogeneously where they are needed,

Delivering what matters, where it matters.

Beauty Runs Deep


“Far more wondrous than the wonders of the world are wonders of the human body”

 Our skin’s primary function is to act as a defence barrier against environmental toxins; however, that barrier also prevents much of your skincare from penetrating past the skin’s surface layer (epidermis), and into the cellular levels which control the skin’s structure, tone and elasticity.

Additionally, ingredients that are able to penetrate past the epidermis have little or no depth-control and tend to sink all the way through the dermis layer without any positive impact.  

 “The older I get, the more I’m conscious of the way tiny things change the world”

SPHR™ is our proprietary first-of-its-kind transdermal SkinTech: these tiny encapsulations, invisible to the eye, operate similar to search drones with its smart ability to pinpoint and navigate to the target area, and administer a time-released course of active ingredients homogeneously across the affected dermal strata over 24 hours, for optimum efficacy and permanent improvements. 

“The proof is in the data”

In our Ageless range, SPHR™ capsules are loaded with supercharged anti-ageing actives that permeates the epidermis to activate collagen and elastin in the dermis over an extended period of time through its smart time-release technology. The result? An astounding 320% reduction in skin surface wrinkles, 160% improvement in skin elasticity, and 680% improvement in skin barrier function! 

*Results from a double-blind clinical trial comparing the performance of pure active ingredients v.s. the same active ingredients loaded in a SPHR™ capsule. 

SPHR™ Capsules are non-toxic, bio-degradable and bio-compatible, making it perfect for your skin and our world.